Saturday, July 6, 2013

Email Fitnah, Umpat dan Adu Domba Dr. Kamarul

Bismillah, hari ini aku keluarkan email mengumpat dan fitnah Dr. Kamarul Ariffin bin Khalid (assoc. prof di UIAM).

Kenapa aku katakan ia mengumpat? Kerana email ini tidak di"CC"kan kepada aku.

Kenapa aku katakan ia fitnah? Kandungan email ini hanyalah fitnah dan kebodohan si KAKI JILAT dan PENGAMPU TEGAR orang yang gila kuasa seperti Dr. Kamarul.

Aku juga katakan email ini adalah percubaan untuk mengadu-domba atau membina persepsi buruk terhadap aku kepada pihak autoriti Malaysia.

Aku akan ulas setiap point dia nanti.. Jemput baca isi kandungan NGUMPAT dia.. Oh ya, email ni panjang dan dalam Bahasa Ingeris ok. Aku malas nk "print screen" atas dasar ada beberapa email orang atasan yang bagi aku tidak elok untuk didedahkan kepada awam.

Email ini ditujukan kepada komiti MYPSA, beberapa pegawai di MSD dan beberapa pegawai di Emassy. Tujuannya adalah untuk aku diambil tindakan dengan fitnah-fitnah yang dinukilkan dalam email ini dan menekan MYPSA untuk juga mengambil tindakan terhadap aku. koh koh koh..

Bacalah.. :)

I would like to bring to your attention the OPENLY malicious writings of the said individual, who has only been an Associate Member of MyPSA(SA) less than 1 year, against the association and also official authorities/bodies both in Australia and Malaysia. All of these misdeeds were done using his Facebook pseudonym account (, previously known as Al Turkistiano but is now called Abu Fedora Al Turkistani.
The misdeeds in mention are as follow:

1)      On 13 August 2011. This individual has openly written a malicious note on Facebook that was clearly meant to discredit the Association and its President at that time, entitled “Beberapa dalil mengapa aku syak MEREKA punya agenda...”. His writing caused much distress to the family of the person it targeted. In his writing he also made some baseless claims against the association and other committee members that were based simply on hearsay, e.g.: “Aku dengar dari anak2 murid dia, dia ngaku sebagai boneka dalam MYSPY, timbalan MYSPY yg control semua. Tiba2 dia jadi penyibuk.” Kindly note that he wrote this malicious note BEFORE he even registered as an Associate Member of MyPSA(SA) on 3 September 2011. 
2)      On 5 February 2012The same individual wrote on his blog, which is open to the public, entitled “MYPSA(SA) dan keDANGKALannya..” ( that clearly questions the authority given by EMAS to the Association to assist with the arrival of the new sponsored undergraduates in 2011 and also 2012. Please note that he wrote on his blog while being an Associate Member of MyPSA(SA) and that at NO POINT IN TIME BEFORE THAT did he EVER made a formal query or complain to the Association regarding the matter or any of the other claims he made in his blog. 3)      Since he was allowed back on MyPSA(SA) Facebook page on 19 June 2012 he has made numerous posts/comments on it that are clearly personal attacks against other members of MyPSA(SA). There are too many of them to list here but, clearly, the present General Committee members knows of them as they have been painstakingly deleted today, some of them almost 2 months after being written by the said individual. However, I would like to specifically note the following incidences of fallacious/unfounded statements against the Association and  Malaysian/Australian authorities that had been made by him:

a.       He claimed that the previous General Committee has abused its authority by removing him from being a member of the MyPSA(SA) Facebook page despite him being a paid Associate Member of the Association. This is CLEARLY UNTRUE if you note the following dates:

13 August 2011                   He publicly defamed the Association and some of its General Committee members at the time as mentioned above.

16-18 August 2011             As the Association’s Vice President 1 at the time I tried to reason with him and get him to take down what he wrote as it is open to the public to no avail. However, after a face-to-face meeting with the individual that his ill-intentions were directed against (the then President of the Association) he openly took back what he wrote WITHOUT bringing down his note on Facebook.

23 August 2011                   He was removed from being a member of the MyPSA(SA) Facebook page as he steadfastly refused to take down what he wrote despite promising to do so during the face-to-face meeting on 18 August 2011 with the then President of MyPSA(SA) and being repeatedly asked to do so by the members of the General Committee at the time.

25 August 2011                   He finally took down what he wrote after receiving the SECOND personal email from the Association’s President who was the target of his misdeeds. 3 September 2011             His wife filled the MyPSA(SA) membership registration form and paid the fees for 2011 during the MyPSA(SA) Eid Gathering in Bonython Park, whereby he officially became an Associate Member of the Association.

b.      He goes against the authority of JAKIM when he openly posted on MyPSA(SA) Facebook wall that all meat slaughtered in Australia, apart from pork, is ‘halal’ for Muslims to eat even if it has not received any halal certificate from JAKIM of AFIC. On 2 August 2012, on the MASCA SA Facebook page, he had clearly stated that both JAKIM and AFIC are giving out the halal certificates purely for monetary gains and should not be trusted by all Muslims. This is clearly an inflammatory remark against an official Malaysian Government department that has been entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard Malaysian Muslims from going against what has been written in the Holy Qur’an.

c.       He have openly call for others to go against the authority of ALL the Imams of the mosques in Adelaide with regards to the beginning of Ramadhan. At the same time he had attempted to discredit them in some of his comments on the MyPSA(SA) Facebook page. There are other instances that he have used the names of other MyPSA(SA) members fallaciously during his personal communications with me but I will not go into details about them as that is between him and me. I am sure with the above actions/statements that he had made openly on the internet the General Committee is able to deliberate and decide on his membership status as allowed for in Article VII, Section 1 of the MyPSA(SA) Constitution, i.e.:

ARTICLE VII    EXPULSION AND SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP Section 1          Any member who fails to comply with the rules of the Association or has acted in a manner to bring disrepute upon the Association may be expelled or suspended for a period of time as the General Committee deems fit.

Please take note that the FB account for his pseudonym is registered using fallacious information and details that makes him anonymous to everyone other than those who knows him personally, as all of us in Adelaide do. This FB account is open to the public and he uses it to post inflammatory comments and posts, including on other peoples’ walls, without fear of any consequences.

He does have a personal FB account (, which is closed to the public but he uses his personal FB account to post more benign comments on the walls of renown religious figures such as Dr. Asri Zainul Abidin ( Why this duplicity, I know not.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamarul Ariffin Khalid
LRCSI. & LRCPI., MB.BCh.BAO. (National University of Ireland)
MMedSc. (Anatomy)(National University of Ireland)
MSur.(Orthopaedics)(National University of Malaysia)
DSc.(Tissue Banking)(National University of Singapore)
Fellow (Hand & Upper Limb Surgery)(Adelaide)

Ph.D.Med. (Orthopaedics and Trauma) Candidate
Bone Cell Biology Group
Discipline of Orthopaedics and Trauma
Level 2, Institute for Medical and Veterinary Science (IMVS)
7, Frome Road
South Australia 5001
                Mobile: + 61 413 687 414

p/s : Setahu akulah, pangkat profesor madya tu kat unibersiti tempat kita kerja je. Ini sampai nak bawa keluar kat luar daripada email rasmi UIAM untuk cerita pangkat dia. Untuk apa? Nak suh orang tunduk jilat dia? hahaha.. Dasar budak nerd & skema zaman sekolah betul.. Buat malu budak MCKK je perangai sayur macam ni.. Gerun tak baca signature dia? koh koh koh..